7 tips for academic researchers on their way to Data Science

Very often people ask me about my transition from academic research to a position as a data scientist. I have compiled in this article some advice to researchers in academia (masters degree, PhD, postdoctoral research) who want to be data scientists in the technology industry1. My focus of learning was in the genomics area, but the tips are useful for other areas too. When I got into my PhD program, I didn’t know the career of data scientist, so I focused in learning bioinformatics.

Stuck in an error message? Let me help you fix it!

This is for R beginners, or even intermediate and advanced users who want a different perspective about how to debug errors in R. Always Sometimes you face errors in R, it is unavoidable. I will give you three different tools to debug the errors on your own, and avoid getting stuck not knowing what to do. 1. Look for typos in your code. As simple as that. Very often they are the origin of the error message.